Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT February 17, 2023

Local Arts & Culture

Arts & culture can make for a vibrant community & that’s true for (insert area)!

🖼️ Focusing on these areas brings a community together through unique perspectives and experiences.

There’s also a positive economic impact of job creation and even new developments.

Not to mention, it provides locals and visitors with interesting places to check out and exciting events to attend!

Whether visiting a local museum, enjoying a live performance, or admiring the work of artists, Roane County has a thriving arts & culture scene.

I recommend you check out –

📍The Princess Theatre  Princess Theatre
📍Roane County Historic Courthouse Roane County Heritage Commission
📍 Roane State Ag Expo  Roane State Ag Expo

It’s the perfect way to enjoy all that (insert area) has to offer!