Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT February 18, 2023

Kitchen Renovations

If you ask me, this kitchen is pure perfection 🙌

The simplicity is refreshing & the overall aesthetic is just beautiful.

Here are the top features to take note of that make this kitchen so dreamy:

◻️ The neutral countertops create a blank canvas for the rest of the space

◻️ The large farmhouse sink is not only practical, it also matches the kitchen’s overall simplicity

◻️ The hardware creates a welcome contrast against the lighter cabinetry, and the clean lines complement the rest of the space

◻️ The unique faucet is a nod to a classic design but with a modern touch

◻️ The pop of color perfectly accents the rest of the space with dark blue walls, a hint of blue in the chairs, and the blue dish towel

◻️ And even down to accessories, the touch of greenery, wooden plant stand, and decorative soap bottles complete the space well

So if you’re looking to enhance your own kitchen space, be sure to save this for inspiration!