Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT February 21, 2023

Researching the Area

Before you buy research the area and I can help!

Before you buy research the area and I can help!

🛑 Before you buy the home – research the area! 🛑

Paint colors in your new home can easily be changed. Outdated appliances can be quickly replaced. Backyards can be revived with new landscaping.

But your cannot change your home’s location!

That’s why I always empower my buyers to make the best possible decision by researching all the facts.

✅ First, you’ll want to look at the area’s ratings.

This could include schools, walkability scores, and more. I’ll be sure to provide impartial 3rd party resources where you can view this information for yourself.

✅ Next, what’s coming to the area?

You might love the secluded location but is a major development planned? While I can’t predict the future, I can look at permits and zoning in an area to give you insight. I also stay up-to-date with the local market, business climate, and economic developments to further guide you.

✅ I also recommend you drive through the area at all times of the day. 🚗 See what your commute is like, what the area is like at night, and more!

I want you to love your home & the area you live! So, reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about my area evaluation process.