Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT February 28, 2023

Day in the Life

Marketing a New Listing

Marketing a New Listing

Forget tuning into reality TV to look inside an agent’s life! 

Here’s the real deal of what a “day in the life” looks like of an agent in East TN!

And for today’s look, I’m sharing BTS of my day focused on marketing a new listing 🙌 

🌞 In the morning…

I start my day by meeting the photographer at my latest listing. While I’m there, I also film Reels to showcase your home on social. 

🖥️ In the afternoon…

It’s back to the office to prepare the marketing materials! I’ll write up an engaging listing description and complete your home’s marketing plan to ensure it stands out online. I’ll also start editing the videos I filmed so we can share them ASAP!)

🌜 In the evening…

I’ll tap into my connections to further promote your home! I’ll be sure to add your home to my newsletter to local buyers, plan for the upcoming open house and collaborate with other agents to increase attendance, etc)

Finally, I’ll relax by sitting on my front porch enjoying the breeze and finalize the last to-do list items on marketing the home! 

And that’s a wrap on a full day in real estate!