Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT May 8, 2023

Homeowner Market Update

🤓 There’s value in being an informed homeowner in Roane County!

Tracking what’s going on in the real estate market can help you make better decisions for the future and give you insight for today.

That’s why I’ve put together this resource to help you stay up to date on what matters locally.

But keep in mind these are just averages for Roane County, and your unique home’s info may look different.

I’d be happy to provide an analysis of your property for a more accurate look at your home’s estimated value – just send me a DM or reach out at 865.599.3228 to get started.

Whether you’re thinking of selling or want to be informed about your home & asset, I’m here to guide you!

Note – the info I’m sharing includes:
-Data Source: Knoxville MLS / MarketQuest Data Trends
-Timeframe: April 2023
-Housing Type: SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES IN Roane County