Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT May 25, 2023

Interactive Home Tours

Do you want your home to stand out from the competition? 👍 Sell at the highest price possible? 👍 Attract more qualified buyers? 👍

Then you need a complete marketing strategy. And mine includes interactive home tours!

These tours allow potential buyers to seamlessly walk through your property without ever physically stepping inside.

They work to attract more buyers while also helping to filter out those who might not be right for your home. This approach can reduce unnecessary showings and work to attract those who are the most motivated to buy your home.

🙌 Not to mention, homes with 3D tours have been found to sell at a higher sales price and spend less time on the market. Plus, 95% of people are more likely to call about properties with a 3D tour!* 🙌

So if you’re thinking of selling, be sure a 3D tour is part of your home’s marketing strategy.

You can see exactly how it works in the Listing Marketing Plan I offer to my sellers.

I’d be happy to share a copy of the full plan if you want to learn more – simply DM me or comment “PLAN” to get yours!