Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT June 20, 2023

Family Game Night

Hosting a family game night is one of the best ways to create lasting memories with your loved ones!

So pick a day, invite the family, and prep your home for a night to remember – here are some of my top tips for curating for the perfect family game night:

1️⃣ Have 2-4 games ready in a variety of game types. From charades to word games, board games and/or cards, having options will allow you to rotate activities and make everyone happy.

2️⃣ Prep the snacks! Whether it’s a casual pizza night, charcuterie, or light snacks, be sure to have food and drinks ready that work for your guests (keeping kids in mind, too!).

3️⃣ Decorate the house for added fun! You can use basic items such as streamers or balloons, or choose a theme for bonus points!

4️⃣ Create a playlist for the perfect atmosphere.

5️⃣ Have your game space ready when guests arrive. Be sure to have enough chairs set up and a space cleared so the fun can begin seamlessly.

And above all – have fun making memories with those you love!