Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT June 20, 2023

Signs You’re ready to move

Thinking of making a move but aren’t sure if the time is right?

This video highlights some of the top signs that you might be ready.

But how do you start the process?

Many people might think that shopping for homes online is the right place to start 🛑 Unfortunately, that misconception can lead to frustration and missed opportunities – because you’re missing some vital steps first.

The right place to start is to get connected with a local REALTOR® who can guide you through the process the right way, including getting pre-approved to buy a home and more!

I can help point you in the right direction and go over the process with you.

🔐 From the home search to the closing table, I’ll be with you each step of the way to make the process as seamless as possible and make the move you’re dreaming of.

Have a question, want to learn more, or are ready to get started? Send me a DM anytime!