Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT July 3, 2023

What Draws Buyers to Roane County

🏡 🗝️ Roane County has captured the hearts of home buyers and locals alike 🗝️🏡

And it’s easy to understand its appeal! The area offers –

🌞 A vibrant community

You’ll want to get to know your neighbors and take part in community events. I also recommend people check out our local lakefront parks to truly experience the local culture.

🚗 Convenient living

There’s so much to do and see in the area and nearby! You’ll find fishing, kayaking, boating and everything you need to enjoy the water. In fact, a favorite of mine is Blue Springs Marina.

🏘️ Desirable real estate

This area features properties that have beautiful views, lakefront amenities, and so much more. You’ll find that the prices range from about $600,000- $1 mil+ and you’ll find many lakefront communities.

It’s no wonder that Roane County is such a popular area to call home!