Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT July 19, 2023

Budgeting for Owning

When you buy a home, you just have to plan to pay for your mortgage…correct???

🛑 Hold up! There’s more to it than just a monthly mortgage payment.

You’ll have to budget for and be prepared for other common homeownership expenses like:

💸 Property taxes
💸 Homeowners insurance
💸 Utilities
💸 Any HOA fees
💸 Maintenance and repairs
💸 Pest control
💸 Landscaping
💸 and more!

Plus, it’s wise to have an emergency fund!

That’s why it’s so important to budget accordingly and keep in mind all of these expenses when choosing a home that works for you!

I’d be happy to further break this down to help you better prepare for homeownership! Contact me anytime to get started.