Real Estate Tips from CBSELLSIT August 1, 2023

Great Neighbor



Foster a positive environment within your own community by being the neighbor you’d want to live next door to! 🙌

Some ways to do this are by –

🛠️ Maintaining your property.

By keeping your yard and home maintained, you’re enhancing the neighborhood’s aesthetics.

📜 Knowing and Following Local Ordinances.

If you’re unsure what these are, I’d be happy to help you find this info out!

🤝 Getting involved in the community.

If you have an HOA, consider getting involved. This gives you a voice in matters in your community and demonstrates your commitment to where you live.

🥳 Hosting or attending neighborhood gatherings.

Help out by organizing block parties, yard sales, or even community service projects. This not only promotes friendliness, it also can increase a sense of belonging.

A simple smile or hello to a fellow neighbor can create a community feel and make you a truly awesome neighbor!